Broken & Chipped Teeth

Emergency appointments are available

If you are in pain or a permanent (adult) tooth has been knocked out, you will want to contact us promptly.

What to do if a permanent (adult) tooth is knocked out

When an adult tooth is knocked out, it’s a time-sensitive situation. Follow these steps promptly:

  • Put the tooth in a glass of cool milk, preferably, or water, or wrap it gently in a cool wet cloth

  • Phone our clinic for an emergency appointment

  • If you don’t hear back from us immediately, go to the hospital for treatment, with your tooth

If a baby tooth is knocked out, there is no cause for concern, but it’s still wise to have our dentists care for your child and assess the status of the adult tooth growing in its place.

When to schedule an appointment for a broken / chipped tooth?

You may chip a tooth while you’re eating lunch, or break a tooth from being knocked, but not all situations are emergencies.

If a chipped or broken tooth is causing you pain, call us to make an emergency appointment so our staff can reduce the pain and find a long-term solution for your smile. If the damaged tooth is not painful, avoid eating on the area and book an appointment soon, at your earliest convenience.

If you have a filling, inlay, onlay, or dental crown fall out, and you are in pain, call us for an emergency appointment. Otherwise, book an appointment soon and avoid eating on the area.

In any case, if you’ve suffered a chipped or broken tooth and are unsure what to do, do not hesitate to contact us any time.

Fractured teeth should always be checked, even if you’re not in pain

A chip or fracture in your tooth may seem harmless, but you should still visit an Allwood Dental dentist to be certain. Minor damage to your teeth that isn’t addressed can lead to other problems later, including further fracture, sensitivity, and cavities. Leaving the damage unchecked for too long may require more invasive treatment in the future.

Treatment options for chips, cracks, and breaks

Many treatments are available for chipped and broken teeth. Small chips that don’t impact the structure of teeth may sometimes be polished down to smooth the rough edge. Larger chips and fractures need more attention – we will take the time to evaluate the damage and recommend options that are appropriate for you, such as an inlay, onlay, filling or dental crown.

Insurance often covers repairs for damaged teeth

Many dental insurance plans include coverage for repairing broken or chipped teeth. If you’re not sure whether you have this coverage, our helpful staff will assist you in finding out.

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