Bring back your youthful smile

Dentures restore your natural smile

Sometimes your teeth just can’t keep up with you anymore. But you don’t have to settle for the current look of your smile – why not look in the mirror and see the smile that your friends and family know best? Dentures make it possible.

Our experienced Allwood Dental dentists can place dentures properly to restore your natural look (and no one will be the wiser!)

Bringing back your smile is only one of many benefits dentures at Allwood Dental provide. Other benefits include:

  • Restoring bite strength, for proper chewing

  • Clearer speech

  • More comfort

  • Prevention of infection and decay

  • Lip and cheek support for a more youthful profile

Immediate and conventional dentures available

Depending on your needs, we offer both types of denture treatments. Immediate dentures are placed the same day the teeth are removed. You’ll head out of our office equipped with a new smile and growing confidence. As the gums heal, you will simply need to come back in for an adjustment.

Conventional dentures are placed after the gums have healed. Teeth are extracted and then the gums are allowed to heal. After a few months, you then come back in to have your dentures placed.

Anchoring your conventional dentures in place can help ensure they feel comfortable and secure. One or more dental implants can be used as anchors. Implants are often covered by insurance, and you can talk to us to discuss your coverage.

You have several options when considering dentures. Come in for a complimentary consultation to learn more about dentures and other available treatments, and to discover your options for restoring your smile.

Insurance coverage for dentures

Dental insurance plans often cover all of the cost of dentures, and they are an affordable option for smile restoration. Talk with one of our caring staff members to learn more about your coverage and all your dental health options.

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