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Improve your appearance and confidence with effective, convenient and affordable teeth whitening in Abbotsford

This affordable and convenient treatment can improve your appearance and confidence

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic services provided by dentists for both men and women. If you have yellowing or discolored teeth, there is a wide range of solutions that can help you achieve a whiter and more attractive smile – from bleaching treatments at our Allwood Dental clinic to take-home products.

Whiter teeth can improve your appearance & boost your confidence

The many benefits of teeth whitening justify why it’s such a popular cosmetic treatment, and most people whiten their teeth for aesthetic reasons. Whiter teeth not only make your smile brighter, but they can also make you look younger. If you have been shy about smiling wide or laughing because of yellowing or discolored teeth, then imagine the confidence you will have after a successful teeth whitening procedure!

The Zoom Teeth Whitening System whitens teeth in about 45 minutes

One of the most effective teeth whitening methods used today is the Zoom Teeth Whitening System. Technically, it is a bleaching procedure since it uses a 25% hydrogen peroxide solution. To begin the procedure, hydrogen peroxide is applied to the teeth. Then UV light is used to activate the gel and complete the bleaching process.

The process takes about 15 minutes, but is repeated three times. The Zoom Teeth Whitening System is effective at removing accumulated stain and debris, which in turn gives you considerably whiter teeth.

You may also opt for take-home kits

Other than the Zoom Teeth Whitening System, we also offer take-home whitening kits that include a peroxide gel you can apply to your teeth using a custom-made tray, similar to a mouth guard. The gel is left on the teeth anywhere from an hour to overnight, depending on the gel’s concentration.

Over-the-counter whitening products are similar and also include a whitening gel, though store bought products are much lower in concentration than the teeth bleaching solution used in Zoom Teeth Whitening System or our take-home kits.

With store bought products, you also apply the gel using teeth trays or whitening strips, but they’re often messier, less effective and take longer to achieve desirable results. Take-home kits also may not have the desired effect on crowded teeth, onlays, fillings and crowns.

Professional procedures are generally more effective for restored teeth

Since everyone’s teeth and smile are different, and different whitening methods have their benefits and drawbacks based on your personal situation and types of restorations you may have, it’s recommended that you come in for a complimentary consultation to discuss your options with us. We’ll answer your questions and provide the information you need to make a decision on what works best for you.

Teeth whitening is not only one of the most common procedures performed by dentists, but it is also very affordable. Book a complimentary consultation with Allwood Dental to learn more about our teeth whitening treatments and which one fits your budget.

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