Abbotsford Teeth Whitening

Improve your appearance and confidence with effective, convenient and affordable teeth whitening in Abbotsford

A brighter, whiter smile provides a youthful, radiant and pleasing appearance. This is what makes teeth whitening one of the most popular cosmetic services provided by dentists for both men and women. A simple teeth whitening treatment can lift the colour of your teeth up to 8 shades and offer a huge confidence boost.

Feel confident sharing your beautiful, dazzling smile with the world!

Many factors can cause teeth to become discoloured over time including:

  • Certain foods & drinks – Consuming coffee, tea, wine, cola, berries, tobacco or even dark vegetables can stain your teeth.
  • Poor dental hygiene – Failing to properly care for your teeth with regular dental cleanings, brushing and flossing can worsen the effects of staining foods or other causes of discolouration.
  • Aging – The enamel surface of your teeth will gradually and naturally wear down over time, revealing the yellow dentin material below it.
  • Microscopic cracks – Chewing and natural wear causes millions of microscopic cracks to form in the enamel surface of your teeth allowing stains and debris to build up and cause discolouration.
  • Medications – Excessive consumption of fluoride or tetracycline during childhood can lead to discoloured teeth, as can certain diseases and medical conditions.

Teeth whitening removes the stains and debris that can build up on your teeth, to restore the natural brightness of even the darkest teeth.

After a thorough check-up to determine the various factors that can affect the whitening process, we can customize a plan to help you achieve brighter, pearly white teeth. There are some cases that cannot be corrected with teeth whitening and may require internal bleaching or to be covered with a veneer to achieve a whiter appearance. Dr. Hans will provide you with a consultation to assess your teeth for their suitability to different whitening treatments and discuss your options with you prior to any treatment being started.

If you have yellowing or discoloured teeth, there is a wide range of solutions that can help you achieve a whiter and more attractive smile. At Allwood Dental we provide various options for teeth whitening both in-office and at home.

Your smile is the first thing people notice when they see you… let us help you make it shine with affordable teeth whitening in Abbotsford!

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