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Allwood Dental is an intimate and private Dental Clinic in Abbotsford designed to make you and your family stress free. For over 12 years Dr. Hans has worked with children and adults, attentively caring for each of her patients; from general cleanings to teeth whitening, braces, and root canals, anything you need is under one roof. Having all of your dental needs taken care of in one location is a convenience every family can appreciate.

Finding time for all your medical and dental appointments can be difficult: Allwood Dental is happy to accommodate appointments to fit your schedule. We also offer direct billing and are available for any questions or concerns you may have even after you leave the office. Becoming a patient of Dr. Hans means you are a part of the Allwood Dental family where your best interests are the utmost priority.

Oral health care should be a top priority for everyone. Health implications which begin in the mouth can be extremely dangerous and cause permanent conditions. If your current condition is not treated promptly, your pain and the severity of the affliction is likely to worsen. In cases of a chipped, broken, or traumatized tooth, acting quickly can be the difference between saving your tooth completely and losing it permanently.

Allwood Dental is available to see you whenever an emergency happens. Our flexibility to be there for you when you need us is what sets us apart in customer service across Abbotsford. Our comprehensive emergency services cover everything from last minute general treatments to swelling, trauma, and root canals.

For your children, dealing with a dental emergency is extremely stressful. Dr. Hans is experienced with diagnosing oral issues in children as well as adults. Her ability to be there for you and your family quickly with information and a plan of action will make you feel confident that your child is in caring hands.

If you are in absolutely any pain, this is abnormal and you should seek immediate help.

Allwood Dental actively keeps up with the latest in dentistry technology: our top of the line equipment coupled with Dr. Hans’ gentle proficiency guarantees every procedure is painless and yields the results you want. If you are unsure as to what plan of action is best suited to you, call Dr. Hans at Allwood Dental to set up a consultation and get the information you need.

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